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ESSER III Student Meeting 05-12-21

On May 12, 2021 at 1:30 p.m., Dr. Coy Holcombe and Asst. Superintendent Deanna Haynes met with students to discuss, possibilities for ESSER III Funds.  Also present was Karen Thompson, Administrative Assistant.


Students in attendance included Cannon Kilcrease, Ella Taylor, Avery Reeve and Cooper Reeve from the High School, Carson Stegall, Brandt Powers, Alison Whitehead, and Payton Miller from the Middle School.


Dr. Holcombe asked the students to discuss items that they felt would enhance the educational experience for future students.  He asked that they be very candid and discuss positive as well as negative experiences.


The students responded with ideas such as teaching strategies, smaller class size, computers, athletics and cafeteria/lunch time ideas.


At 2:15 Dr. Holcombe thanked each of them.  He asked that if they thought of anything else they would like to discuss to please email him directly.